Welcome to The Journey of Bukit Rhema, Indonesia

4 Things you should know about Bukit Rhema

Bukit Rhema is a place of religious tourism in Magelang, whose construction has reached 70%. Although construction has not been completed, Bukit Rhema already visited by Traveler domestic and foreign traveler.

As a new Tourism Places, people are more familiar with Bukit Rhema as Chicken Church. Oh ya Traveler, there are some important things that many people do not know about Bukit Rhema.

Daniel Alamsjah get a vision to build Bukit Rhema in 1988 and started to build in 1992 on the Menoreh Hills, Magelang, Central Java

Not Chicken
Actually Bukit Rhema is a Dove shaped. But many people thought a chicken shaped. Bukit Rhema also not a Church, but a House of Prayer for All Nations

Seven Storeys
Bukit Rhema have 7 floors and there will be a Storry Telling. Spiritual Journey, The Meaning of Prayer, Miracles, Local Wisdom and multicultural of Indonesia.

30% left
Soon Bukit Rhema will be completed. THANK YOU for the arrival of the Traveler from all over the world because you are already helping to build Bukit Rhema.

Bukit Rhema on Video

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